Born Again. I spend two years with born again christians in Wales UK.

Postcards from Paradise is a project where I submitted 101 disposable cameras to refugees in camps across Denmark. I chose 54 of approximately 2500 photographs for the book titled “Postcards from Paradise”, derived from a phrase in the introductory speech by the former Danish Minister of Interior Affairs, who opened the 125th anniversary exhibition of Danish Red Cross and met with the refugees participating in the project. This video features two interviews with the participants Mirsad Jerebicanin from Bosnia and Muhanned Al-Magad from Iran. They explain their motives.

web_Mirsad Jerebicanin

Aftermath of the Gulf War in Northern Iraq. On a self-imposed assignment I hitchhiked with the three Kurdish tribes for three weeks.


Vacum. I spend a month living with door-to-door vacumcleanersalesmen in Erith a suburb south of London. The series published in The Independent Magazine, UK.


Northern Nevada Correctional Center Horsetraining Program. Just like the men these horses used to be free. Now the wild horses help tame the wild men. PROJECT IN PROGRESS!


Vladimir Lenin Steel Plant, Nowa Huta, Poland. Build in 1954 next to Krakow in order to crush the anti soviet intelligentsia. The steel plant had 38.000 employees in the 80’ies.


Consider The Lobster. Inspired by author David Foster Wallace’s essay concerned with the ethics of boiling a creature alive in order to enhance the consumer’s pleasure, I embarked on a visit to the acclaimed Maine Lobster Festival.

People in Danish Cinema was recorded for the book “CUT” from Haase Publishing. The book contains 25 portraits of a cross section of participants from the Golden Age of Danish cinema during the Dogma epoch. The idea behind the book is to honor all partakers in the process not just the celebrities.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala features 24 images one for each day in december. It is a christmas calendar recorded for MS a Danish NGO for educational and fundraising purposes. Each picture illustrates a fact about the country and a myth from the mayan genesis.

Guatemala for danish NGO MS

Branding campaign during training at The School of Mordern Dance for the danish pension fund PKA illustrating corporate leadership ideals reflected in the exchange between dancers and instructors.

SMD for PKA Employer Branding Campaign